Friday, September 12, 2008

Afternoon delight

Speaking of things you'd do for money (just kidding, Jay!), I heard from Shawn Kelly, the amazing EP (that's Executive Producer for all of you non-nerds) of the Jay Thomas Show on Sirius radio. Remember my quest to find out who works from what city? Well, now I know for sure, and so do you! Apparently Jay works out of a studio in Santa Barbara without a team of producers, using ISDN technology to create a seamless show across multiple sites. Not only does he not have anyone to bring donuts, he also doesn't have any way of communicating non-verbally with the other people on the show while on the air. It might not seem so impressive, but believe me, it is: the show is quick and clever, and definitely worth checking out (but NSFW!). If you don't have a Sirius radio in your car, you can sign up and listen on line. The Jay Thomas Show, Sirius Stars 102, weekdays 3 - 6 pm ET.

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