Monday, September 29, 2008

Driving while fishing?

This morning I was thinking about a topic I heard on morning radio last week. The DJ was ranting about what people do while they drive, he had seen a woman reading a book as she drove down the interstate! On the way to school this morning, the kids and I looked for people multi-tasking behind the wheel, and we spotted a bunch of texters, no surprise there, and some cell phone chatters. I saw one woman applying eyeliner, but she was stopped at a red light so I had to add a few points for that. There was nobody reading a book, but we did find a winner: a woman eating cereal and milk from a spoon. While driving. I have enough trouble eating cereal and milk while sitting at my kitchen table (the whole dribble down the chin problem), so I was amazed to see someone actually doing it while driving. It reminded me of something my old friend said about why he loved his iPod so much. He never had to miss an episode of his favorite TV show, he could watch it while he drove to work. Aack! What do you do while driving?

photo: Kristian Stokholm