Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Speaking of missing things...

Earlier I was writing about childhood, and it made me think about play-doh. Remember the way a brand new, never-been-touched-before can of play-doh felt between your fingers, the way it squished out of your fingers as you squeezed it so tightly? I wanted Sam to have the same experience and was looking for a way to make it a fun thing we could do together. I found a recipe for DIY play dough courtesy of Instructables and got to work. Instead of using food coloring full of dyes and other nasty bits (I don't know why but I've started using more and more British phrases lately), I bought some individual packets of Kool Aid and once I finished making the dough, I divided it into 2 sections and added a packet of Kool Aid to each. It takes a quick kneading to incorporate all the Kool Aid crystals into the dough, and the Kool Aid also scents the dough with memories of childhood summers. The dough felt amazing between my fingers and I was transported back for a minute...until I almost burned myself on the sauce pan that I had used. In any case, Sam and I had a fun time making our dough and it was so easy and inexpensive that I am pretty sure some of you will be getting this for Christmas this year.

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