Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lions and tigers and Bear Grylls!

So I recently became a fan of a show on the Discovery Channel called Man vs. Wild. You have probably already see in but in case you haven't, you really should check it out. It's basically a lesson in survival skills by a former SAS guy who, as it turns out, holds the world record for being the youngest man to climb Mount Everest. I watch it in HD on my huge bedroom TV and am amazed at the photography and become sort of mezmerized by the images and the British accent of the host, Bear Grylls. (OK, I actually thought it was a weird coincidence that the guy on the show about surviving in the wild is named Bear, but it turns out to be...you guessed it...a childhood nickname that stuck. Sort of makes for a cool show, though, doesn't it?)

One of my favorite parts about the show is Bear's pants. Not in the way that you think (pervert!), but he wears these cool adventure-guy type pants with reinforced knees. Those pants justs seem so...professional. I would never, ever, in my wildest dreams find myself in a situation where I would need pants like these. It seems that many women like the part in the show when Bear inevitably takes his pants off and dives for some dinner in the frigid waters , but I don't know, I think I prefer the cool pants.

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