Sunday, September 14, 2008

My so-called dog's life

So for all of you who have entered to win the HGTV Dream House a million times and especially for those of you who put a reminder on your calendar or phone, I found an amazing home that's being given away and have...get this...added it to the bottom of this page so you can enter to win everyday! This house is in Windmark Beach, FL, and I know it's amazing because we recently went on vacation to the neighboring and idyllic town of Cape San Blas. We chose to vacation there because I found a condo to rent in a small little community that is off the beaten path, with a tennis court, 2 pools, and a 2 minute walk to one of the best beaches in Florida. OK, that's not really why we chose it...I picked it because the beach is a dog-friendly beach, one of the few in Florida, and we were bringing our dog. She ended up hating the beach and staying in the condo the whole time (lesson learned the hard way), but we discovered this little community that is stuck in time. No big retail, no theme parks, no fast food, no mini golf...just a family-friendly beach town for the ultimate in relaxation, circa 1975. My daughter and her friend rode their bikes the 8 miles roundtrip to the country store to buy candy (remember my 16 cent chocolate gum??) Pretty cool. So don't forget enter to win the house in Windmark Beach (scroll all the way down), and I will hook you up with details on that great condo if you leave your email address in the comments.

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obgramma said...

That home giveaway is great - you can sign up for a daily email reminder to enter. No more stickies!